Vinipiak Brand

Born in 2016

We are young

But we have abandoned shortcomings in the experience of predecessors

And devote ourselves to offer the best kitchen&home products and services

we are young

We focus on the concept of modern life

—energy conservation /environmental protection/convenient cooking/healthy eating

We are young

Keeping in our faith

Sparing no effort to be your most capable assistant in kitchen!

Delicacy is a journey of life

During this trip

Vinipiak would like always to be with you

Listening every words you respond to us

Enjoy simple and happy kitchen&home moment together!


Health is the core concept of everything we do our brand “Vinipiak”. A healthy life is inseparable from a healthy diet ,a healthy diet requires energy-efficient kitchen tools to help us cook,that’s why we regard “Health” as our aim to identify everyday problems and solve them by designing our products.

High quality is the superiority of our products,the material we choose is nontoxic plastic for a healthier eating,the plastic is 100% BPA free according to the environmental protection and energy - saving conception of circular economy,and manual function is applied in the design.

Humanized design is another advantage of our products,according to customer’s kindness feedback,we constantly optimize the design of the product.We also offer the service to customize our products on the basis of our client’s requirement. And providing kinds of types manual household kitchen products either wholesale or retail

Simplify the process of cooking,saving our time in a easy way,solving the complex task of cooking,we are working on it.

Enjoy the healthy food,enjoy the healthy kitchen life!